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Hi Harry. You've been generous enough to share Unity projects with code and shaders for previous jam games. Would you be willing to do the same on this at some point? I love to pick these apart and see how they're put together. Thanks very much.


Hey! I'd love to upload this project too, but I'm a bit hesitant as I'm using my foliage tool ("Greenery") in there, and it's not really ready to be distributed. I could upload a version of the project without it (so no grass on the ground) if that would help.

Totally cool with that. I mostly look at people's code architecture and specific feature implementations. Remove whatever you want. I'm happy to take a peek at whatever you're willing to share. Much appreciated.


Uploaded the source and didn't actually remove anything =] it will still look broken, though, because the local packages don't get included in the folders, but you can still rummage through the code :D

Sweet! Very kind of you. I'll check it out tonight. 

This is extremely polished, juicy and fun for a jam gam wow, beautiful art, loved the grass, textures, trees, flowers, you really master your craft! The combat is hard but as long as the guardian doesn't spam the projectiles it's easy to spam dash & attack to destroy its health bar

Hah yeah, the boss' logic is kinda fuzzy so it can get stuck sometimes 😅 I'm really glad you liked it though =)

The combat controls feel very good, and it's gorgeous, I'd like to see a full game release, good job Harry!

Thank you so much Alex! =)

What are the controls? Could you put them in the description? All I could figure out was that spacebar makes the character jump. Other keyboard keys or mouse buttons did nothing.


Sorry, didn't add the controls in the description. Game currently only supports gamepad, so keyboard and mouse controls don't work yet.

I added the controls to the game's description.

Thanks for adding the controls in the description! I dug out my controllers and it worked. The effects looks great! I love the sword swinging trail and how the controller shakes when the boss stomps the ground.