A downloadable Breach for Windows

Breach is a game that was developed in the course of 48 hours for the Prometheus Game Jam 2017 in the town of Lavrio. It is a fast paced platforming FPS with roguelite elements.


  • 4 levels of randomly generated layouts
  • 4 kinds of enemies, 1 type of mini-boss and one big boss in the last level
  • Traps and pickups
  • Fast paced shooting action
  • Mobility features like dashing, double jumping and teleporting using a grenade


  • W,A,S,D - Movement
  • Left click - Shoot
  • Right click - Throw teleportation grenade or, if it's already dropped, use it
  • Middle click - Melee sword hit
  • Space - Jump (press again for double jump)
  • Shift - Dash
  • Tab - Zoom out mini-map

The team:

  • Harry Alisavakis - Programming, art
  • Theologos G. Linakis O'Neill - Music, SFX
  • Theodoros Ratzos - Programming
  • Myrto Houliara - Art


Breach.zip 23 MB

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