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What happens when you hurl a d6 towards a bunch of slimes? Well, they die.


Die Caster is a small physics-based dungeon crawling adventure game where you only have one main action: hurl a die at things.

Whether it's to unlock gates, kill enemies or heal yourself with potions, it all depends on what your die hits, and what number comes up.

But beware: Your die is your sole companion in this adventure, so you'll need to get it back before you can sling it again!


🎲 MOVE with WASD. This will cost you a turn.

🎲 AIM with the mouse by CLICKING and DRAGGING. The die will be slung towards the opposite direction, much like in mini-golf games.

🎲 SHOOT by releasing the mouse button after you've set your aim. Shooting will also cost you a turn.

🎲 Slimes move every 2 turns, so plan your moves carefully.


🎲 Art, design & coding:  Harry Alisavakis

🎲 Sound design: Kasia Dziekan

🎲 Sounds design & music: Cai Jones

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorsHarry Alisavakis, cainapple, Kasia
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsSingleplayer, Turn-based


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i enjoyed this! the graphics look unbelievably great for a 48 hour jam! if you had more time and wanted to expand / add stuff here's a couple things: maybe strictly limit the slime movement to the grid squares? the player movement seems constrained to grid squares but once the slimes start colliding their movement got chaotic. maybe tilt the cam up when the player is hidden up against the near walls. 

That was very cool, good job everyone!

Very cool concept. Made me think of pinball :)

You could add differently shaped enemies to affect die deflection, could make an interesting addition.

Great sound and music, Kasia and Cai!

Nice idea of using the the gate to teach the player how to play.

The graphics are nice, too! The lighting is subtle blur effects are quality :D 

The idea in general is cool, I can imagine different enemy types and different movement abilities adding some layers of depth to the gameplay. Awesome work for a weekend, you should all be proud :)

Thanks so much for playing Harvey, I'm glad you enjoyed!