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this game is just perfect, the fact that you can write a positive message to someone, vent about something that has been bothering you or write poems (which is my case) without knowing who will receive it, and still receive a letter from someone else completely randomness is very mysterious and relaxing at the same time, apart from the landscape of the game of course. one thing I would like to see implemented would be a playlist of songs that would match the game's environment, if they put this on while sitting on the stool in the back waiting for a letter it would be even more amazing

And i'm a brazilian so if the text above have something written wrong sorry, i'm not that good at english so i used google translate a little

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Thanks for your comments, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game =] Currently there's no plans to expand on this specific project, but I'm open to revisit the concept of message exchanging in the future again :D

Hi! I loved the game and I really wish there was an Android version. You have a prevision?

Hi! Glad to hear you liked the game =] Currently there are no plans for an android release of this game, mostly because of performance considerations. 

I would consider making something else for Android with the same basic "mechanic" of exchanging notes, but there's no plans for that either in the near future 😅


This would be very cool to experience in VR


I meet this game and this platform by a brazilian youtuber called Tropia. I have never ever seen a kind of game like this before and I liked a lot. There is a lot of potential.  My suggestion is  create a system where you can send letters specifically to a person. 

(sorry for my bad English)


Eu adorei a ideia do jogo msm n tendo jogado ainda, pois meu sistema é de 32 bits, n tem como jogar assim msm n?

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This is a cute little game, I like the ambience and the boats emitting light on the water are beautiful!

Thanks for playing and for the nice words Kaldrin =] glad you enjoyed it!

You're welcome!

Wow, this is a very reflective idea that you can write a letter and get a different one from someone. Very nice!
But I would also make the camera less sensitive to feel the atmosphere of calm better.

Thank you =]

There is a mouse sensitivity slider in the options menu, I hope this can help a little bit with the camera movement.

oh, I didn't notice it. Thank you!

Very cool! Nice and calming. Would be cool if you could walk around for a little more interaction, maybe the boats could drift onto the shore?

Thanks =] I wanted to keep the scope real small with this one in order to see it through, hence there's no walking or further exploration. My plan is that my next projects will offer more in terms of interaction and movement!

Great game. This is a awesome experience. Really!

Thank you so much for the kind words and the video!

So peaceful... kind thoughts and calm, clean environments are always refreshing!
Thanks for this!

For Mac users:
Played on a Mac with Catalina. If you encounter the "App cannot be opened" problem, as I did,  you need to give to the Paper Boats executable the right permission using chmod +x. This can be done from the Terminal:

chmod +x PATH_TO_PAPER_BOATS/\ Boats

(PATH_TO_PAPER_BOATS is the folder where you put the Paper Boats .app)

Thank you so much for the comments and the help! It's super useful as I don't have the means to test it out on Mac machines.

omg i love this amazing some of the things people say really help me and the atmosphere is great

I'm really happy to hear that =]

Thanks for playing!

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thanks for the peaceful experience :) The environment is beautiful and I'll make sure to pop in every now and then to take screenshots and send and receive some messages haha!

I'm really glad you enjoyed it =] happy to hear you'd want to pop in again, that's exactly what I'd hope for this little game!


This game is absolutely amazing!!

Thanks for playing and for the kind words :D


A beautiful way to connect with yourself and the world