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The Curse of Tencond is a short adventure game, where your player character is afflicted by a terrible curse, making them die every 10 seconds and start their journey all over again.

Will you be able to reach the evil mage who cursed you within only 10 seconds?

The game was made as a submission for Ludum Dare 51. Here's the link to the LD entry: 


WASD to move

E to interact

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(36 total ratings)
AuthorHarry Alisavakis
TagsLudum Dare 51, Singleplayer
LinksLudum Dare


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This was so cute!


Can you take a look on my game? Please?

Loved it! The little texts were amazing and I really enjoyed talking to the gates :D

Glad to hear it =]

The gates say they enjoyed talking to you too ✨

Like the style, it's neat


Thanks! :D

We had the EXACT same idea for LD51! A curse that makes you reset every 10 seconds, you can't change the world state, you need to collect knowledge to find the perfect final sequence to win. 

This is a far, far superior execution of the idea than mine though, bravo! Very inspirational, I hope to be able to make games as good as yours one day!


Just played your game, we were indeed super close hah 😅 loved the puzzle element in your submission though, it was really clever and fun trying to figure it out!

So cute and charming!!! <3

Thanks! :D

Cool game!!

Thank you =]





Great game! Music, art style and everything give off a Paper Mario: Origami King vibe.

Ah it was obvious that's what I was still playing at the time :P

Glad to hear you got these vibes though =]


Such a lovely game. I like the design, it fits so well with the game concept (+ I learned what the home key is, thanks)

Thank you, glad you liked it! :D


I love it. 10/10 would talk to Timmy the Time-waster again.


I'm glad :D He says he had a lovely time wasting your time, he would do it again.


A very simple concept, implemented in an original and smart way!

You should replace the "Home" key by another one that can easily be found in compact keyboards. Mine, for instance, does not have that as a single key and I thought I would get stuck because of it. But playing this game made me realise that the "Home" function can actually be triggered by pressing Shift + 7 on the numpad, something I would never otherwise have realised!


And yeah, I should replace that key 😅 this is still the LD jam version of the game so I've kept it as is; I might upload a new version with a different key, just so it's easier for people 

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I loved it!

Glad to hear that! :D

wait i may be dumb but whats the home key?? ive tried just about every key possible and nothing happened please help


It's the one between "Insert" and "Page up" on a regular-sized keyboard 😅 if you have something smaller than a 75% you might not have that key

ohh i see it, it on the little number pad so i didnt see it at first tysm!

What a great simple adventure game! So charming!

Brilliant game ahahhaha i chuckle a lot


fuck you this shit is impossible, i tried the home key thing it didn't work, excuse my language but i am very very very frustrated at this game for being too hard for my small shriveled pea brain

aside from that the game is beautiful

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Dude, this is sick!

fine that was a short but fun game

Hey, I'm not on a Windows computer. I would love to try the game. Would you be able to add a WebGL build?


A webgl build isn't possible I'm afraid, as the tech behind the graphics isn't supported on unity webgl :(

I can see about a Mac or Linux build if it helps.

This is so adorable. lovely little vibe.



Once I learned about the cntrl-click method, i just turned on my autoclicker and got where I needed with time to spare. Funny game, cool design, and fun characters!


Or skipped most of it*


It has a very original way of using the theme, and the story is simply hilarious! 10/10. Would speak to my neighbours again.


Thank you so much for covering the game, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

You're very welcome :)


Cool voices!

Glad you liked it :)



used cheat engine to turn 10 seconds into 1000000 seconds

It blows my mind that you made this in 2 days omg. And you even managed to include a really cool lesson in the game?!?! Well freaking done. This is my favorite game of LD so far at least :D I saw it on Itch and couldn't resist it! You've absolutely got a new fan now for sure 🙌🥳  All the 5-star ratings are belong to youuuuuuuu! Now excuse me, I'm gonna go talk to some gates :)

- ✨Beth


Thank you so much for the kind words and for the donation Beth, I really appreciate it :D

I'm really happy you enjoyed the game :)

I was more than happy to! It's so amazing what games come out of Ludum Dare, and yours is definitely one of those that blew me away. It, and you, deserve it :D

Short and sweet game! I like what you did with the concept! It was pretty humorous as well. Looking forward to seeing more from you!


Really glad you enjoyed it, thanks for covering the game =]

Included the game in my event highlights @11:33. I assumed there'd be fuckery given how simple the initial control was presented, but happy to see it went further than pressing obscure keys. 

Thank you for covering the game, hope you enjoyed it! :D

spoiler alert

will i be able to play this game without a certain home key? this is such a fun and interesting concept but my keyboard is lacking HAHA

It might be called something different on your keyboard, unless it's a 70% or a smaller keyboard 😅 is it a specifically localized keyboard perhaps? 

yep its a smaller keyboard!


Ah damn, thought that might be the case, that's definitely on me 😅 sorry about that

Hold fn and the left arrow to act like you're pressing the home key!

thanks!! it doesnt seem to work in game but now i know how press the home key for websites HAHA :D

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Amazing mechanics and scenario) Great job!

Thanks, glad you liked it! :D

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always died just when i saw the (spoiler?) circle of rocks going west, but great game nonetheless!

Ah there was a tip on the far west that could've helped with that 👀

I think hes saying he cant get to the stones either. I have that problem. Even while Spoiler: Zigzaging and sprinting

maybe you can expand it to survival points and equipment that allows for a longer game. You can make biomes with revival points. By earning cash by idk what method you can purchase equipment to eventually defeat the "evil" mage who turns out to be idk.

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I had a blast playing this.  Really fun game, one could make a whole game out of it, with more mechanics

(1 edit) (+1)

Ah I'm sorry about that, others had a similar issue, I kinda took it for granted ðŸ˜… 

I'm really glad you liked it, though =]

Wow, this was such a fun game you are very talented. 

Thank you so much! :D